respite care

We just spent a week together as approved respite care for *little man. I’m trying to find an easy way to answer the question, ‘how was your week?’

Our week was amazing,


Our week was exhausting,


Our week was joyful,


Our week was trying to understand,


Our week was bonding,


Our week was a success!

There is no way to easily answer this question. Thanks again for your sweetness and perfectly subtle and silent support!

approved again

So much has happened in two weeks!  It is crazy that we went so long without hearing anything, after numerous requests, and numerous people involved in trying to get some response or approval.

Here are the updates in order:

  1. His DFCS/court panel was canceled due to the crazy Georgia snow a few weeks ago.
  2. We were assigned a Cherokee County case manager to help us along!
  3. We were waiting an approval for 2 months to hear if we could be his respite care (aka. over-certified babysitters).  We were approved and have *little man a whole week!
  4. His county finally sent over a release to *little man’s therapist, so she was able to squeeze us in this week.  Brian and I met with her for over an hour.
  5. His county panel was rescheduled and his caseworker reported they were waiting on us to decide if we were going to move forward or not…hum?  (Lots of emails and phone calls/text asking when we were going to move forward wasn’t the answer to that question?)
  6. Yesterday, they reached out to set up a transition meeting with everyone involved in *little man’s plan.  There is a tentative meeting the 2nd week of March.

This week will be different for all of us.  We will be a family of five until next Saturday.  We will have a small vacation Sunday and Monday, Brian will return to work Tuesday.  All the boys have appointments Tuesday, and we will be back to school Wed-Fri since our county decided to make up some of the days we had off due to weather.  We will be establishing new routines, school drop offs, pick ups, and sports practices for all 3 boys.

We are excited to introduce him as we see you out and about, but it can be overwhelming to him.  Thanks for being patient!