Hey parents of 3 (or more), I need some tips.  How does going from 2-3 kids seem like it triples the laundry, dirt on the hardwood, toothpaste in the sink, and urine on the back of the toilet?  Brian and I are outnumbered.  We can not just split anymore, taking each child to their sport, school function, or playdate; sacrifices will be made and commitments may not be 100%.  We already have to be intentional, on a rotating basis, for fairness.  I have to say, we have an amazing village though: parents, siblings, and friends have already been our heroes, as well as our kids biggest supporters!

Going from 2-3 kiddos has also brought our awareness to and seems to triple the little things:  awareness of kindness, support, and patience.  It has tripled the sensitivity of our worrier


*little man insisting on doing homework with his big bro


and tripled the leadership of our free-spirited child.

We are in the midst of state testing for *C$, travel for dad, and all things play-date, sports, and friends for our busy *minion.  We are thankful for coaches and teachers.  It truly does take a village.  I am reminded that we are all busy, do something for someone even if you don’t have time for it, accept help from someone, and “bother people. brave it.” ~@jennieallen- Instagram

“it’s not what we have in life, but who we have in our life that matters”

*Little man is taking it all in.  He is adjusting, loving, and learning.  He is so happy and he puts life into perspective.

Please leave a comment if you have a parenting tip for being #outnumbered.

3 thoughts on “#outnumbered

  1. Like you said….you HAVE to ask for help. I don’t know what we would do if we didn’t have friends helping get someone somewhere or someone home from somewhere else. We are all so blessed in this community to be able to trust and leave our kiddos with other families knowing they are safe and will get where they need to be next. I used to be afraid to ask because I didn’t want to add responsibility to someone else for my kids but it takes a village so let the village help. As far as laundry goes….a load in the wash each morning and a load in the dryer each night. It doesn’t always get folded and certainly doesn’t get put a way- but at least it’s clean. You guys are amazing!!!!!

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  2. We have a lot of help from the grandparents. We also depend on friends to occasionally transport our kids and host them
    For a play date when we’re booked. Bedtime is still really hard, so if you figure that one out let me know, lol! So happy for y’all!!

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  3. Lori, Brian and boys, we are soooooo happy for you. Little man is so blessed to be a part of a loving and caring family, and I’m sure he is a blessing too. I’m sure you will figure everything out as you are an amazing woman. God Bless you all.


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