move-in day

What a great day! All love, and only tears once due to a kick ball to the head. 🙂 Thank you for the texts and messages showing your support of our new son! Brian made it back from Dallas, early! And our foster fam friends are da bomb!

We started the day packing the cars (well, moms packed, while kids jumped on the trampoline). Then we headed to *little man’s lunch choice, Longhorn, dessert at Menchie’s, and home for a surprise welcome from a best friend and her crew. She also made our bio boys feel so excited with matching UGA hoodies and personalized blankets!


We unloaded both cars, with lots of “new” stuff to find a spot for. We are so grateful for sweet neighbors that handed down the sports décor for *little man’s new room too!


The big kids passed off big sibling responsibility- literally!


As our “friend-fam” left, the bros headed to get neighbor friends to play,

team Nerf war first, then a huge kickball game. This was followed by team Minecrafting. It was the best unplanned (non-*little man focused) party we could have asked for. Dad made it home for dinner, so our first family dinner is in the books! Great night to watch the Braves play the Rockies and listen to the boys discuss their racing game. Let’s hope everyone sleeps well. 😉

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